Wednesday, May 22

Woman Attacks Defense Attorney Video (Watch Full Video)


Woman Attacks Defense Attorney Video; There’s this viral video of woman attacks defense attorney after accused of murder video leaked on twitter, twitch, reddit, instagram and other social media platform trending.

In a Wisconsin courtroom, a woman accused of killing and dismembering her lover attacked her lawyer, and it was all caught on camera.

When things started to go wrong during a competency hearing in Green Bay on Tuesday, Taylor Schabusiness was composedly sitting in cuffs with her lawyer Quinn Jolly.

Jolly began by requesting an extension from the court so that an expert witness could evaluate Schabusiness’ capacity to stand trial. The judge accepted and rescheduled her trial from its initial date of March 6 to May 15.

Schabusiness plainly disagreed with the choice and vented her frustration on Jolly.

Check out this crazy video of Schabusiness lunging at Jolly and elbowing him in the head when he attempted to repel her. Schabusiness was tackled by a sheriff’s deputy who then grappled with her while she was on the ground.

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Schabusiness was finally held and leant up against a door by the deputy and two additional police officers. The deputies led Schabusiness from the courthouse after making sure she wasn’t hurt.

In 2022, Schabusiness was accused of killing Shad Thyrion after a $3xual encounter while under the influence of meth. She is accused of using a chain to strangle Thyrion and a sharpened knife to cut off his head and genitalia. She allegedly also admitted to the police that she enjoyed searching the crime scene for his scattered organs.

Schabusiness has been receiving treatment for mental health difficulties and has been bipolar disorder-diagnosed since the seventh grade, according to her attorney.

In relation to the counts of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpse, and $3xual assault, Schabusiness has entered a not guilty plea.


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