Wednesday, May 22

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Google Doc Footage Response Trends On Twitter (Full)


Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Google Doc Footage Response Trends On Twitter.

According to reports at the time, pictures were shot in the locker room after Wisconsin won the Big Ten championship in December 2021.

According to an earlier report, the players’ phones were the source of the images, which UWPD Executive Director of Communications Marc Lovicott confirmed to Fox News Digital on Thursday.

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In an email, Lovicott stated that “none of the student athletes are the focus of our investigation.”

In a statement released by the institution last week, it was claimed that players had called the police after discovering online postings of pictures and videos that had “never been intended to be published publicly.”

According to the statement, “The unauthorized sharing is a serious and unjustified infringement of the student-athletes’ privacy, including possible violations of university laws and legal obligations.”

UWPD is looking into a number of offences, including the unauthorized distribution of private images. The volleyball student-athletes are not being looked into by UWPD for wrongdoing in this case. Supporting our student athletes is our top concern, and we are giving them the necessary tools and resources.



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