Tuesday, June 25

South London Girl and Princess (onlyprxncessa) Boiling Water On Another Lady Video Trending


South London Girl and Princess (onlyprxncessa) Boiling Water On Another Lady Video Trending; South London girl and princess cut another woman with a knife for f*cking and sl33ping with her man and then throw boiling water on them.

Onlyprxncessa is seen thr3atening a woman with a knife in the viral video while reportedly having $3x with the woman’s boyfriend.

The second girl can be seen bleeding from her palm in the footage (the blood was on her palm).

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The kid was then burned severely after onlyprxncessa splashed boiling water on her, but the incident was caught on camera. The girl, who has not yet been recognized, used the blanket to protect herself.

This is the last time i’m gonna be saying anything. Don’t come on my phone on some dumb bullshit. I didn’t react that way just because of a man.

“my man did fuck her nor do anything with th girl. Anyone who knows that girl knows she has no morals and respect for anyone not even hersel.

I did everything i could to make sure this girl was okay when me and her were friends. She pissed off multiple people because of her disrespectful behaviour but i stuck my neck out for this girl to make sure nothing happened to er when people wanted.

south london girl

south london girl

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