Friday, September 24

[email protected] Queen Teaches Ladies How To Pr0perly P0se $ty1e [Watch Now]


A young Ghanaian $£x-talented lady known as @Gh Ghanaba has educated her colleagues on how to p0se for d0.ggy $£x $tyle.

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In a viral video sighted online she seeks to teach ladies on how to properly p0se when in a d0.ggy position.

According to her, most of her colleagues don’t know how to pose for d0.ggy during $£x and if it is not done properly, it can bring fracture into the waists of women.

She said during d0.ggy $£x, the br£@st must touch the ground and by so doing, the waist becomes free to rotate at any degree.

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Watch the video below;




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