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Jeff Molina Giving Ben Davis Head (Bl0wj0b) Video Leaked


Jeff Molina Giving Ben Davis Head (Bl0wj0b) Video Leaked; The viral video of ufc star jeff molina giving ben davis head (bl0wj0b) leaked on twitter, reddit, telegram and other social media platforms.

After the release of an intimate video recording featuring him and Ben Davis, Jeff Molina became the first male UFC fighter to formally identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. UFC flyweight Jeff Molina is currently in the news for reasons unrelated to fighting.

The 25-year-old man revealed his sexual orientation as bi$3xual in a lengthy Twitter message following the viral video of him engaging in sex acts with another man. I’m bi. Wow, this f***ing stinks. After the Friday night social media footage went viral, Molina issued a lengthy statement.

He continued by saying that he wanted to be known for his work in the Octagon rather than coming out because of homophobia among UFC followers.

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UFC fighter Jeff Molina comes out as bi$exual following intimate video leaks

Molina was raised in Kansas but was born in New Jersey. He attended Olathe South High School, which is 25 miles south of Kansas City. He started his path toward MMA and a future in the UFC there.

Molina, a wrestler in the squad, started studying mixed martial arts at the age of 14. After a private video was leaked, UFC flyweight Molina came out as bisexual, becoming the first male fighter to formally identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Molina now holds a UFC record of 3-0 and an overall record of 11-2. After winning Dana White’s 30th Contender Series, he joined the group.

In June 2022, he defeated Zhalgas Zhumagulov in a split decision. He gained notoriety for donning a pair of UFC-branded shorts while they were engaged in combat.

Molina called the fan backlash as “f***ing insane” while expressing his surprise and disappointment during that game.

After the fight, his career had been on hold because of a Nevada State Athletic Commission suspension. Molina’s coach, James Krause, is believed to have participated in a gambling conspiracy while posing as an agent for an internet bookmaker. Molina was believed to have had “significant” involvement in this plot.

Due to his alleged involvement in a betting scheme, Molina has been suspended and won’t be playing cards anytime soon.


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