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J Cole & Dreamville – Freedom Of Speech Lyrics [Explicit]


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[Intro: J. Cole & DJ Drama]
Y’all niggas know what it is when I show up (King Cole)
The energy switch in this m0therf0*ker

[Verse: J. Cole]
Came through with a bad b!tch in tight britches
Made the ho book her own flight, I’m type vicious
Black boy fly, stupid racks, oysters on my plate
So much bread I think I got white privilege
Access to five-star rooms and white b!tches
I dreamed it like Bing Crosby dreamed a white Christmas
After shows f*ckin’ on the slu.tty snow bunnies
I done came to the conclusion that I only like sisters
And that might be a hard pill to swallow for a few
She had dreams of f*ckin’ Cole and еven her father would approvе
(Yes, honey, you can f*ck him) Look what a dollar bill’ll do
Made them bougie b!tches workin’ up in Prada smile at you
Yeah, I know you hate a nigga, but I’m still smilin’ too
(Will that be all, sir?) That’ll do
Get-money attitude
You weren’t ‘posed to catch no feelings, b!tch, we had a rule
Netflix when you come through, they ask
“You niggas still watchin’?” on the TV prompt
She give me dome, I catch some Zs, I call her ZZ Top
I keep it PG when you see me, but I hee-hee not
You go against the mob, you might just get your pinky chopped
I can’t believe he think he hot and his CD flop
Hey, I done seen too many white folks in dashikis, stop
Cole, b!tch, the flow switch like every fall
I was very poor, now I ball like a young Demi Moore
Henny pour on any floor
Pain seepin’ out my memories’ pores
Lord forgive me for the times I didn’t follow
It was reflected in my music, all my shit was hollow
But now I spit with hollow tips and follow with the pyro
I politic, you ride to this, then call out sick tomorrow
I’m ill, fuck how you feel
Don’t need no goofy-ass Richard Mille for your b!tch to tell that I’m rich as hell

[Outro: J. Cole & DJ Drama]
You know what I mean?
And that’ll be all, ladies and gentlemen
I appreciate you for comin’ out tonight
Yes, yes, yes, yes, if you wanna check us next time
Same time, same location (Hahahaha)
We known to f*ck shit up every time we step on this m0therf*ckin’ stage
That’s right
And this is just a mixtape (Ha)
You asked for it
E, what up?


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