Wednesday, May 22

I’m Very Popular In The Pacific; They Know My Music – Kuami Eugene says


Award-winning highlife musician Kuami Eugene claims that his fan base in the Pacific is the reason he is known not only in Ghana but also there.Kuami Eugene claims that he has an insane following in that region of the world, where most of his songs are well-known and frequently played by locals.

Kuami Eugene discussed how he received an invitation to headlining performances before the COVID-19 era trashed his possibilities during an interview with Rev Erskine on Y107.9 FM’s “Myd Morning” show.

“My fan following in the Pacific is insane. Because people jam to my music really well over there, I was in that area before I traveled to Oakland from New Zealand. I was in Rarotonga, Melbourne, Brisbane, and virtually everywhere else in the Pacific. When you travel over the Pacific, people recognize my music and listen to it often.

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“I began receiving calls for concerts from I suppose COVID before that. As a result, even though the talks were on point and I had to go, we were unable to attend the performances due to Covid.

On the plus side, I’ve had a lot of success and have had the opportunity to appear in songs like the worldwide mega-hit “Love Nwantinti.” So it helped me get bigger in New Zealand. Now that they are using TikTok, I can be found there with most of the songs they are using. I have the same song with “Angela,” “Confusion,” “Open Gate,” and Adina’s song “Killing Me Softly,” which is the second-most popular song there, he continued.

“I believe that Adina herself inspired all of us at the label to really go there. Everyone was signing my part without me being there, so it was nice that we had to go there ourselves. They enjoyed it more with me and kept more of my fan base coming from that side because it’s a big industry, he continued. It was an Adina-Kuami Eugene feature, but she really did well in performing it.


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