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Full Video: Houston Mocha Fest Viral Video


Houston Mocha Fest Viral Video (Watch Full Video).

A video featuring wildly chaotic and obscene glances from last week’s Mocha Fest in Houston has locals scrunching up their noses in disgust and sadness. The festival is a bi-annual destination event held in Jamaica.

The festival, according to its official website, fosters and promotes a free-spirited and open-minded party atmosphere. It focuses on the Caribbean and Hip-Hop music cultures. It took place from April 28 to April 30 in Houston, Texas.

However, on May 1, stand-up comedian Lil Duval published a video clip from the Mocha fest that captured several obviously s**ual events. It showcased a sequence of NSFW acts performed by festival participants, which stunned the internet.

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Many Twitter users questioned the existence of morals in today’s age as a result of the extreme antics at the Houston festival. One user, @TheOneFortyPlus, stated that it was time for the biblical flood described in Genesis.

Houston Mocha Fest Viral Video

Houston Mocha Fest Viral Video

Social Media Users Reacts To Lil Duval Viral Video From Houston’s Mocha fest

When Lil Duval uploaded the Mocha Fest video on Twitter, netizens were taken aback to witness people openly participating in dangerous s**ual behaviors, and many expressed concerns about STDs. Many people believe that this is why STI rates in America are so high. Some individuals wondered what would happen if these people’s family members saw these videos.

Watch Full Video Here;

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