Hajia Bintu Buys Benz Few Months After Jaguar (Watch Video)

Hajia Bintu Buys Benz Few Months After Jaguar.

I now believe the fact that Ny*sh is bigger than degree because most girls with big ny*sh are buying mansions and big cars but those with the degree are going broke day in day out. Only three months after her return from Nigeria, Hajia Bintu released two high-end vehicles.

After her brief visit to Naija, Hajia Bintu promptly launched a Jaguar. She now has a Benz among her collection of automobiles.

While many people are pleased with Hajia Bintu’s accomplishments in the short time she has been in the entertainment sector, some believe that her curvy shape is the primary sponsor.

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In a video uploaded to Instagram, Hajia shows off her new automobile while flashing her trademark enormous Ny*sh.

In response to the video, John Klu, an Instagram user, stated that Moesha Boduong had accomplished more.

Meanwhile, renting cars for publicity is a common practice among some celebrities. But we are unable to determine whether Hajia’s Benz is a “La Borrow.”

Moesha Boduong is presently seeking treatment for depression, according to reports.

Kindly watch the video of Hajia bintu’s new car below;


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