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Antony Matheus Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Parents, Children, Net Worth & More


Antony Matheus Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Parents, Children, Net Worth: One of the most talented players in the English Premier League is professional footballer Antony.

This article covers all the information fans need to know about Antony, including his biography, age, height, wife, parents, kids, net worth, and everything else.

Antony biography.

Professional Brazilian footballer Antony Matheus dos Santos competes in the English Premier League.

When Antony was 18 years old, he began his professional football career. In the Brazilian Série A, he joined So Paulo in 2018 and played there for a total of three years. Before leaving the club, he made 52 appearances and totaled just 6 goals.

In 2020–2021, he then made the switch to Ajax in the Eredivisie. Throughout his three years with Ajax, Antony really established his name in the globe. He appeared in 82 games overall, scoring 25 goals, which led to a fantastic transfer to Manchester United, a team in England’s top division.

In his time with Manchester United, which he joined in 2022–2023, Antony has made a total of 14 appearances and scored three goals.

How old is Antony?

In Brazil’s Osasco, where Antony was born. He is currently 22 years old and was born on February 24, 2000.

What is Antony’s height?

Although Antony isn’t exceptionally tall, he is one of the fastest and most talented people. He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

What position does Antony play?

Antony is a very skillful winger.

Antony career.

Even though Antony Matheus dos Santos is still quite young, he has already established an outstanding career for himself. He has played in 148 games for his team, scored 34 goals, and been successful in winning the Eredivisie twice as well as the KNVB Cup.

He received his first call-up for international duty in 2021 and has since made a total of 15 appearances, scoring twice.

Who is Antony’s wife?

Rosilene Xavier and Antony are married. The couple has been dating for a considerable amount of time. According to reports, they first connected when Antony was still a player for So Paulo, and they have been dating since since.

Who are Antony’s parents?

A wonderful couple gave birth to Antony in Brazil. They brought him up, mentored him throughout his career, and saw to it that he had all he required to develop into the man and football player he is today.

The brilliant Brazilian winger Antony is the son of Cremilda Prudencio and dos Santos. Nothing else about this pair is known than their names.

Who are Antony’s children?

Antony has a wonderful son and a happy marriage. In 2019, Antony and his wife Rosilene welcomed Lorenzo.

What is Antony’s net worth?

Antony has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.


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