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Andrew Callaghan Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Children, Parents


Andrew Callaghan Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Children, Parents; How much do you know about Andrew? At the end of this post, we will take a look at his age, biography, height, net worth, wife, children and parents.

Andrew Callaghan Biography: Who Is Andrew Callaghan

American journalist Andrew Callaghan is well-known for creating the YouTube programs Channel 5 and All Gas No Brakes. He is regarded as a pioneer of wacky journalism a la YouTube. After leaving “All Gas No Brakes” in March 2021, Andrew went ahead and raised money from fans to start Channel 5 on YouTube.

Andrew Callaghan Age: How Old Is Andrew Callaghan?

Andrew Callaghan was born on April 23, 1997, He is Currently 27years as at 2023.

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Andrew Callaghan Net worth

Andrew Callaghan’s net worth is estimated around $300,000 to $600,000.

Andrew Callaghan Height: How Tall Is Andrew Callaghan?

Andrew is 1.9 meter tall. His Height in feet is 6.4.

Andrew Callaghan Wife or Girlfriend

Andrew is single and it is also likely he is in a relationship but has kept it out of the public.

Andrew Callaghan Children: Does Andrew Callaghan Have Children?

Andrew has no child. Also, he has also kept personal information about himself out of the public.

Andrew Callaghan Parents

Information about Andrew Callaghan’s parents is currently not available. It is possible, the parents have decided to keep their private lives out of the public.


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