Friday, July 30

We Have Awards In $natching People’s Husbands With Our $£x Styles – SHS Slay Queens Brag [WATCH NOW]


Two female senior high school students has set tongues wagging on social media after a video of them boasting about their $£[email protected] prowess hits online.

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In this video which is fast going viral on the internet these students who are supposed to sit by their books are rather advising their fellows female to be bold and open their legs in exchange of material things like cars and house from men.

One of the girls said their wicked bedroom position they offer for their clients always makes their clients come for more. They added that they even have awards in $£[email protected] activities and can easily claim people’s husband with their positions.

She revealed that after such multiple styles of sleeping with men, the men call them to offer appreciation in so many ways.

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The two unidentified girls concluded by encouraging their mates to use what they have to get what they want.

Watch the video below;



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