Video of SHS girls doing twerking competition during prep hits online

A video of another set of Ghanaian SHS girls doing a crazy twerking competition during class hours has hit online and fast going viral on social media.

In the video, the SHS girls whose identity has not been obtained yet is seen giving one of the most seductive twerks on social media.

They were about 5 in number and they visibly showed their underwear to the camera to prove the twerking is more important to them than their decency.

During their twerking competition, their mates were busy learning despite the distraction these young girls were providing not to talk of the free show.

For some reason, it appears the new generation of youth is going crazy. Yesterday, another video of a lady identified as Farida stripping on Live Facebook went viral.

In the video, Farida did not only strip on live video, but she also dragged her naked buttocks on the ground and cursed a guy called Kelvin Brown who allegedly leaked her sex tape.



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