Sunday, January 23

Singer iona Reine Put Her Big “Pv$$y” On Display While Exercising [Watch Now]


Sprouting vocalist iOna Reine has netizens scratching their heads in dismay after she purposely featured her large toto in another video camouflaged as exercise.

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iOna Reine

iOna Reine

While going live on Facebook, the vocalist was seen in a rec center wearing her preparation packs and preparing to go through some vivacious exercise routine to place her body fit as a fiddle while sticking to Kaakie’s ‘Obolo’ tune.

Notwithstanding, her cleverness method of highlighting her huge camel toe and driving all regard for her arousing quality rather than the alleged exercise has not intrigued netizens, some of whom pummeled her for her absence of tolerability.

Review that iOna attempted ineffectively to begin a problem with Wendy Shay last year to get her name out there by shooting Wendy Shay for labeling herself as the sovereign of Ghana music.

She likewise took steps to take the situation from her very soon on the grounds that her image wasn’t quite so strong as it appeared.

Be that as it may, when the head of Shay Gang wouldn’t toe her line and give her the exposure she was frantically searching for, she delivered an expression of remorse to her in a different post weeks after the fact saying the degree of regard she has for her had risen.

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