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Complete Full Video: Rainton Arena Video


Complete Full Video: Rainton Arena Video – Northumbria Police is investigating an incident after video of a security guard at Rainton Arena in Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham, seemed to seize a teen by the throat went viral on social media. The alleged assault is said to have occurred on Friday evening, May 19, during a popular under 18 event called ‘WE ARE BOUNCE‘.

The venue claimed it had notified the child’s parents and that it would “not accept this type of behavior toward anyone.” It was also reported that the security guard, who did not work for Rainton Arena but was hired for the event, was fired.

“We received a report of an assault at around 9.30pm on Friday at Rainton Meadows Arena, on Mercantile Road, Houghton-le-Spring,” a Northumbria Police spokesperson said. Nobody is thought to have been seriously hurt.

Rainton Arena

Rainton Arena

“Enquiries are still ongoing.”

“Rainton Arena and event organizers are fully aware of the situation that occurred on May 19, 2023,” said a spokeswoman for the venue. The incident has been reported to Northumbria Police because the venue would not tolerate such behavior toward anyone. At any event, no one should be made to feel this way.

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“All of the staff and event organizers are parents, and we are dissatisfied with the individual’s actions.” We have contacted the child’s parents and shown them all of the CCTV footage, as we will be completely collaborating with the parents and authorities.

“The security company that was hired for the event has also terminated the individual’s employment.” They have also contacted the police and informed them that they will completely cooperate.

“We will do everything possible to continue assisting Northumbria Police investigations and cannot comment further due to this being a police matter.”

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) was alerted of the event. “We are aware of the incident being reported,” the SIA said in a statement received by Chronicle Live. Our top objective is to keep the public safe, and all SIA-licensed security operatives are trained in dispute resolution.

“When allegations of unnecessary violence surface, we collaborate with partner agencies, including the police, to establish facts.” We shall assess whether persons are fit and proper to hold a licence, or whether individuals’ licences should be suspended to safeguard the public while investigations are conducted.”

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