Sunday, January 23

Program MC Forgets His Work To Gr!nd Some Nice A$$ [Watch Now]


As Actor Jeffery Nortey says “Butt0cks is life” it seems true because the moment a lady with a big buttock pass by, Guys turn around to view and satisfy their curiosity.

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MC grinding

A Viral video is trending and it shows an MC ( Master of Ceremony) who has been booked for a program enjoying some tw3rk from some nice females who came to the program.

The lady was in a brown b!k!n! and as soon as this MC saw the lady dancing, he decided to forget his job and grind the lady.

The lady seems to enjoy the grind too because the smile on her face shows some sign of happiness. From report, the MC lost his latest iPhone 13 pro max after grinding the lady. Making people conclude that maybe the lady intentionally did that to steal the MC’s phone.

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Watch the video below;