Friday, September 24

Y0ung B0y ‘Ch0p!ng’ A Mannequin (Statue) In Public Surface Online [Watch Now]


It looks like dr.ugs is really taking away the youth in this generation and these hard dr.ugs are making the youths do stuffs they don’t even realize.

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A video making rounds captures a man busily ‘ch0pping’ a Mannequin like nobody’s business.
In the video sighted on Instagram, the young man could be seen lying on the mannequin as he showed the tightness of his waist on it.

Surprisingly, the young man l!cked the ‘b.r3ast’ of the mannequin and demonstrated his ch0pping skills.

People gathered around could be heard shouting but the young man looked unperturbed as he busily ch0pped the mannequin.

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Watch the video below;



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