Wednesday, July 6

Slay Queen $tr!pp£d Herself To Embarrass Man In Front Of Wife After Refusing To Pay Her For Short Time $£x [Watch Now]


A Zimbabwean man has been embarrassed by a lady he ch0p3d after failing to pay for their short-time $3x session.

In this video, the lady is showing her [email protected] a$$ and asking him to pay for their $3x session. The lady who is accompanied by her ashawo capturing the moment.

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Some ladies don’t care how or what they do to get their money if you are owing them. She will just make sure you feel uncomfortable so you will pay her what you owe her.

In the video, this ashawo lady was accompanied by another friend who will probably be an ashawo too but she was a camera lady this time. This ladies were following the man everywhere he goes as they kept on demanding for their money even in front of the man’s wife.

This ashawo went to the extent of stripping half n*ked in front of the man so he feels uncomfortable so he pays what he owes.

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Watch the video below;


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