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Kevin Gates Birth Video


Kevin Gates Birth Video – Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes that their baby is finally here. Nevertheless, Gates stated to Complex in 2013 that “it really doesn’t make sense to say [how many kids I have].” Not that it’s a negative thing, but my kids will never be seen by the general public.

Gates recently uploaded an extremely graphic video to his Instagram story, so it would appear that his perspective has shifted. In order to avoid sharing a video link.

A gruesome clip from the birth of Gates’ newest child is featured in the video, though. By “we graphic,” we mean that it is more graphic than the majority of sex ed movies. The video clearly depicts Gates’ wife Dreka Haynes giving birth. This is a warning to you.

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Twitter Melts Down Over Kevin Gates Video

Kevin Gates IG Story and Childbirth Leaked Video

Kevin Gates IG Story and Childbirth Leaked Video

It’s safe to assume that the video didn’t exactly excite folks. “DO NOT VIEW KEVIN GATES’ INSTAGRAM PAGE. BELIEVE ME. One person posts. Several users have posted gifs and videos with the implication that they were going to commit suicide in order to forget seeing the video.

We support childbirth miracles wholeheartedly, but maybe not your Instagram Story? The fact that it is on his article only makes it worse. Before you click on it and see it for yourself, there is no way to know what he posted.

Again, Gates stated this in 2013. “I have some kids. I’m quite close to both of them. I cuddle, hold, and love on them as we lay in bed together. Really, it makes no sense to disclose [my child-count].

Not that it’s a negative thing, but it’s not like the public will ever see my kids, and even if they do, they won’t recognize them as my. How is it possible for you to claim that and then publish your wife’s entire situation online? She’s giving birth to a full baby, and you’re like, “Hell yeah, let’s post this on Instagram.”

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