Kawana Jenkins Full Video

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Authorities in Georgia said on March 22nd that correctional officer Kawana Jenkins had been taken into custody for having a relationship with a prisoner.

According to WSBTV, the charges arose when investigators seized a contraband cellphone in which a video of Jenkins engaging in graphic acts with the inmate had been preserved. Kawana Jenkins has worked at the Fulton County Detention Center since 2019, according to AJC.

Kawana Jenkins

Kawana Jenkins

After watching the video of the incident, Georgian officials expressed their outrage. According to the authorities, Jenkins had a long-term inappropriate relationship with the prisoner and even went so far as to give him the illegal smartphone that was used to video the incident.

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Two counts of inappropriate sexual contact by an employee or agent, five counts of public officer oath violation, two counts of reckless behavior, two counts of cruelty to inmates, and one count of providing an inmate with a forbidden item without authorization are among the charges brought against Kawana Jenkins.

Relationships between detention officers and inmates

Although the alleged affair involving Kawana Jenkins stunned the community, connections between prisoners and jail staff are nothing uncommon.

According to NBC, such connections are typical, according to law professor Brenda Smith, who campaigns against the exploitation and abuse of prisoners. The power disparity between convicts and officers, she pointed out, makes them frightening.

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