‘I Can Only Work With Mmebusem If He Humbles Himself’- Salinko States

Salinko and Mmebusem are currently having a beef and this is all centered around money.

According to Salinko, he introduced Mmebusem on his production when he needed the character ‘Jesus’ to be in charge when he was traveling to the US three months ago so he can’t comprehend why he’s being ungrateful after making him popular.

Narrating the circumstance behind Mmebusem’s rise to fame, Salinko said;

“I categorically told him I have his key to open doors for him. He complained he wasn’t in need of any key or door to be opened.

He gave me a production to do almost 6/7 years now but the village he was sending me to shoot, I couldn’t make time to go so it became a debt of 2000 cedis. So he kept calling me for the payment of the debt and I told him God directed me to open a door for him. That Money, I could send to him and even add to it for him to fend for himself but I didn’t want him to strap for cash to the extent to force me to send it to him. I asked him to come so I teach him to fish. I told him I won’t pay him until he comes over.”

He further stated that they met on another production and he paid him 300 cedis but made him know that was different from the 2000 cedis he owed him adding that he did not sack Mmebusem off the production but he’ll only work with someone who’s humble.

“We didn’t sack him. We have the Grace with which we’re helping people so if the person will be humble and willing to work with us, we will work with him. Jesus is now coming to do greater things.

When I brought the robe, for the acting, they suggested it be used for short short videos which I didn’t agree to. I told them the series is for TV so I was keeping the robe so it doesn’t spoil. I told them not to use the robe to do anything else aside what the production team is meant for.”

If he comes back, we’ll feature him. If he looks at the bigger picture, it’d help him rather than just relying on short short videos,” Salinko said.

When asked if brawl is about money, he said, “I pay everyone who works with me. They eat well too,” he added.

Source: www.ghgossip.com

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