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Hassan Mugambi Full Video


Hassan Mugambi Full Video – The leaked video of Journalist Hassan Mugambi purportedly engaging in personal acts with an unknown woman is trending on twitter, reddit, google and other platforms.

Hassan Mugambi, a Kenyan journalist who has won multiple honors for his investigative reporting on Citizen TV, has recently been a trending subject on Kenyan Twitter.

This occurred after a controversial blogger named Edgar Obare made unsubstantiated charges against Mugambi, accusing him of being a slacker father and cheating on his spouse.

The claims spread swiftly on social media, with people claiming to know the Journalist sharing unsubstantiated reports with Obare.

As a result, Mugambi’s name began to trend on Kenyan Twitter, and the narrative was discussed by many online Kenyans.

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Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video Gone Viral

Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video Uniting Kenyans

Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video Uniting Kenyans

A leaked video of Citizen TV Journalist Hassan Mugambi having $3x with an unidentified woman went viral on social media on Sunday, May 7, 2023.

The tweet references Edgar Obare, a contentious blogger who has been disseminating information about Mugambi, and contains a link to the video.

The widely circulated video, which showed Mugambi making out with the woman, sparked discussions and rumors online. It is not yet known for sure if he is in the video.

On social media, this episode has generated a lot of discussion as Kenyans express their dismay and amazement at the Journalist’s reported behavior. Hassan Mugambi has gained notoriety as a result of the video, and many people are curious about how it leaked and who the woman in the video is.

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