Thursday, September 23

Gym Instructor “Grinding” Another Man’s Woman In The Name Of Training Her Surface Online [Watch Now]


The issue of male Gym Instructors sleeping with their female clients has become very worrisome.

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Few days ago, a gym Instructor called Little was shot dead by unknown gunmen after it was alleged that he was sleeping with a married woman. This unpleasant news went viral with several people calling for men to train their own wives instead of allowing her to go to the gym.

Anyway, a viral video of a gym Instructor “grinding” a lady from the back in the name of training her has caught our attention.

In the video, the man was holding on tight to the woman’s waist while encouraging her to keep going down and up.

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His bizarre style of training got many people wondering if he was helping the lady work out or he was taking advantage of her.

Find out for yourself by watching the video below;




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