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Central Cee – Retail Therapy Lyrics


Download Central Cee – Retail Therapy Lyrics download. “Retail Therapy” is the second single and fifth track to Shepherds Bush, West London rapper Central Cee’s sophomore mixtape, 23 Album.

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Fly— Fly uptown when I’m feelin’ down
I wanna do retail therapy (I wanna do retail therapy)
Been with the gang all week
I need some female energy (Some female energy)
Sucked my soul, I lost my breath
She got me breathin’ heavy (She got me breathin’ heavy)
Toxic relationship with my queen, but me and the T got chemistry
Told her that I’m a Gemini, now she on’ Google checkin’ the compatibility
She wanna see if I got the agility
She wanna see if I got the ability, huh
I went round three, she want round four, she killin’ me, huh
ADHD, my trigger finger fidgety

[Verse 1]
My trigger finger fidgetin’
I feel, I feel like I need amphetamine
We had the party tu’nt, off the MDMA and ketamine
My bro get a box, I step on the gang
Made money off rock, Led Zeppelin

One call away from a tent and tape
One call and they get to steppin’ (To steppin’)
The bando hostile but if it wasn’t for the trap house, I’d be popped down
Of course, I would’ve made an M on tour last year if it weren’t for the lockdown
They wanna fuck now we got the top down
What ’bout when we had the beat-down Honda?
Shoutout FK, I had no sponsor
Most of the my


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