Friday, March 24

17-Year-Old Hit By Train While Making Instagram Reel Video Near Railway Track (Watch Video)


Chintakula Akshay Raju, identified as the 17-year-old Indian teenager who grievously got injured while making Instagram and Tiktok reel at a railway track near Kazipet in Hanamkonda district of Telangana.

17-year-old grievously injured while making Instagram reel at railway track.

The young man was at the railway track near Kazipet in Telangana, India for the Instagram reel.

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As the crew was recording, he got close to the railway track with a train approaching.

What they had in mind is the train will pass without touching him but he had his calculations wrong as he was too close to the track.

Unfortunately, he was it by the body of the train. Watch the video above.


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